Running Out Of Gas

The Alums lost their final game with the Riverdogs 6-7. They gave them a good run, however, since it went into the 10th inning. Cuadrado hit another home run – his 8th this season.  He has certainly come around this summer.  One could see the potential in TriCities but he has matured a great deal. My man,Jason Van Kooten was the driving force in the scoring for the Tourists. He still makes extraordinary plays look ordinary.

I never was a fan for that day game – it meant I lost another season ticket. it was not a good deal for the Dust Devils as well.  No excuses – but playing late the night before and showing up on the field 8 hours later is tough for anyone. Of course, I guess both teams could have played that card. The bummer was that the Dust Devils lost 2-5. Kreidermacher took the loss and he stands at 2-3 for the season. Repec and Mayora made the marks on the scoreboard.  Ferannte got in trouble and sat out the last part of the game.  Somehow he has to pull himself out of that slump. The POB goes to Kindel who has filled the lst base spot nicely and hopefully will be as capable at the plate.


How Sweet It is

The Tourists extended their winning streak to three by defeating Charleston 5-3.They kept the Riverdogs scoreless until the ninth inning. Cuadrado had another home run  making it seven for the season. There is one more game with Charleston and then on to Columbus.

It was a big night for Matt Repec in the Dust Devil win over Eugene of 4-3. Lindsay had some good moments and several walks. Jarrett picked up the win which was his third. He has not allowed an earned run in 12 1/3 innings.  The POB has to go to Matt Repec. He is becoming my favorite player to watch.  He is a consistent fielder.  He always played shortstop through college.  He has played all the infield position this summer.  He always gives a 100% and he is just as dedicated at the plate. He generally has at least a hit for each game.  He is certainly a player I expect to hear playing in the majors.

Everybody’s a Winner

Asheville won both games in a double header Sunday 9-5 and 6-2.  It rained but the bats were hot. They were playing the Charleston Riverdogs and once things got underway they never looked back. Vargas and Patton pitched and the batters hit three home runs.

The Dust Devils left Salem with a 5-4 victory. So the losing streak is ended. Chivilli picked up the win, his first. Ferrante  hit a double that drove in a run. It should signal a change in the slump department. Mayora hit another home run. Delgado had his 4th save of the season. The POB has to go to Ferrante who does such a good job in the outfield and now if that bat is his gets hot we are going to see some scores change.

So Near And Yet So Far

Asheville took the day off to heal up.

The Dust Devils went down again to Salem. This time 4-3. Katz took the loss and he is standing at 1-1. Bret Berglund hit the solo home run in the second inning.  The team had 6 hits but Salem had twice as many. A couple of errrors were some more mental lapses that need some concentration and focus.  The POB goes to Berglund for his hitting and consistent play in the field.

Buses Heading Out

The Tourists lost to Greenville again 8-1. It added to the slump.  Daniel Carte hit his 10th home run in the 5th inning. Zach Simons was struggling most of the game and he stands 5-9 for the season.  We can only hope that things will look up in Charleston.

The Dust Devils were looking pretty good and got a couple of runs in the 7th and took the lead. However Salem came back with 4 runs and the final score was 5-2. This extended the streak to 2. Santiago took the loss though he pitched 6 innings with 6 strike outs. Baumgardner had to be saved by Jarrett. The POB goes to Mayora for his home run and then his fielding error was rather questionable. Two more games to redeem ourselves.

Streaks Eventually End

If the team is winning the streaks are never long enough and if you are losing they are never short enough. Greenville took the Alums 5-4 but the lead changed hands five times during the game.  It was no walk away. Daniel Carte had his ninth home run. We can expect this losing streak to end. The team is aggressive and getting hungry for a change.

The Dust Devils had their winning streak snapped at four with a 10-1 loss to Salem. Kreidermacher was the loser breaking even at 2-2. The 3 errors had to hurt and since Salem took the lead in the 3rd and never looked back. I am sure there were some mental anguish and that can make a difference. The first five lead off batters are nearing .300 so with some shift in circumstances I am sure there is going to be another winning streak started. Let’s begin with the next game. I’m giving Matt Repec the POB  he continues to play consistently  and he  makes  a contribution for every game.

There’s The East And The West

Asheville had a terrible first inning with Greenville by having 7 runs score.  Playing catch-up is never fun and the game was over before much was accomplished.  Asheville lost 11-5. If that 1st inning could have been erased it would have been a pretty tight game.

Out in western Oregon the Dust Devils took the Volcanoes to the 11th inning before they surrendered 5-4. It took almost as many pitchers as fielders to win the game.  The Dust Devils ran out eight before the game was over.  The POB has to go to Anthony Jackson who had a fantastic game and finally came through with his first home run.  He really seems to be the rallying force on the 2006 team. He motivates, performs, and executes. They are still a game behind Boise but they are pushing hard.