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The Runs Count

Lake County took Asheville 7-4. The Tourists took an early lead but dropped behind in the second inning and never caught up. Daniel Carte got his 11th home run and Jason Van Kooten had a double but not enough for a win.

The Dust Devils evened things with Yakima 6-1.  Rodriquez and Harris were stingy pitchers allowing only one run. It was another error-less game for TriCities. Repec had a good game batting in his 14th RBI. He had two singles and  grounded out to 3rd base in the 4th. His batting average is .223. His fielding was as solid as ever with an assist in the top of the 2nd. The POB has to go to Victor Ferrante who made a spectacular catch for the 2nd out in the 4th inning when he caught a blast off Joey Side’s bat.


You Gotta Have Runs

Lindsay made himself at home in Ohio for Asheville by shutting out the Lake County batters for the first four innings. The Tourists claimed the win 8-3 victory as well.

The Dust Devils were outlasted by Yakima 3-2 in the 11th inning. Our pitching continues to be pretty astounding even though Lindsay has gone to Asheville and Chivilli has been released but not replaced. Our bats are better than they have been but we are still having trouble getting base runners across home plate. And that is the name of the game. The POB goes to Mike McKenry who consistently plays a good game. He does an outstanding job as a catcher handling pitchers and he is dependable with a bat. He seems like an all right guy with a great attitude with plenty of hustle.

These Are Winning Ways

Ashville beat Lake County 4-2. It was pretty much the defense that got the Tourist a win on the first game of an eight game road trip.  The defensive praise should certainly go to Phillip Cuadardo who had a couple crucial assists.

In Spokane it was Ferrante Day as the Dust Devils stomped the Indians 14-6. The bat of Victor Ferrante is beginning to come into its own.  He hit 2 home runs that brought in 3 runs apiece. Certainly the POB belongs to Ferrante who has  proved pretty convincingly that when he is hitting things happen. James Freeman got the win with 1 2/3 innings. He now stands 2-1. Once again Repec is on the bench while Suarez takes a turn at 3rd base.  I would really like to see Repec make every game. If he is not at 3rd then he should be at shortstop. He needs the exposure

Catching Up

Asheville had a couple of reversal with Columbus.  On Friday they lost 11-10 and on Saturday they lost 6-5. They have five defeats in the last six games. These games  could have gone either way.

On Sunday the Dust Devils lost to Spokane on a home run in the bottom of the 9th. The score was 5-7.

No See’ems

Raining again in North Carolina so apparently another game postponement.

In TriCities another gang-buster game with the Dust Devils trouncing Eugene 8-2 and the 2 runs were going-away gifts. Anuery Rodriquez is an impressive 18 year old who demonstrated he is getting ready to play with the big boys. He struck out 10 and walked one. He has done the same with 35 and walked 14 in 39 innings. I think with good luck we will be hearing about this pitcher for quite a spell. I was glad to see Repec back in the line up at 3rd and he assisted in 5 put outs and did all right at home plate as well. Rifkin is getting back in shape and hit a home run. I glad to see that Ferrante has regained some of his confidence and is doing better with the bat. The POB must go to Rodriquez who hung in there for 8 innings with about 100 pitches. The Rodriquez behind home plate did a creditable job as well.

Battin’ The Breeze

What about a game with 30 hits! The Asheville team beat Columbus 16-9 in such a game. In the unusual 6th inning Columbus batted around their roster and when it came Asheville’s turn they batted around twice. The game was seven minutes short of four hours. Fans certainly got their money’s worth for those tickets. Yesterday was the last day for Lindsay in TriCities he has now moved to Asheville.

Minus the Australian accent the Dust Devils put it to Eugene 5-1. This is their third win in the series. The Dust Devils went over 22 innings without giving up a hit.  The pitching has been first class. We can be equally proud of the fielding since we have gone five games without an error.  The only flaw I saw was Repec sitting on the bench while Suarez tried to play 3rd base. I suppose it was to give Repec a rest and let others have a chance but I should imagine he was chomping at the bit since he played in all his college games. Hopefully he will be back in the lineup this evening. The POB goes to Mike McKenry who does such a great job behind the plate. He knows his pitchers and calls good games but he showed them how to protect home plate and hold on to the ball.  It looks like things are coming together and beginning to jell.

Beyond the Ninth

Asheville and Columbus took it into extra innings until finally the Tourists went down 6-3. It was looking sort of dire until the final inning and Carte, Van Kooten, and Paulk all got singles and evened things at 3-3. The 11th proved too much and they were not able to come back in their half of the inning. But today things could be different.

There were nothing but goose eggs on the scoreboard in TriCities. The Dust Devils never allowed anyone past second base. It is true that they used six pitchers and each one did an extraordinary job. Graham was most impressive. He should have earned himself another start. Repec stepped in and did another good job defensively.  Mayora seems to have the only hot bat on the club at the moment. In the 12th inning the Dust Devils came through with the winning run by Aguilar.  The POB has to go to Mayora who has a batting average of .302.  It is so nice to see us climbing up in the batting department.