These Are Winning Ways

Ashville beat Lake County 4-2. It was pretty much the defense that got the Tourist a win on the first game of an eight game road trip.  The defensive praise should certainly go to Phillip Cuadardo who had a couple crucial assists.

In Spokane it was Ferrante Day as the Dust Devils stomped the Indians 14-6. The bat of Victor Ferrante is beginning to come into its own.  He hit 2 home runs that brought in 3 runs apiece. Certainly the POB belongs to Ferrante who has  proved pretty convincingly that when he is hitting things happen. James Freeman got the win with 1 2/3 innings. He now stands 2-1. Once again Repec is on the bench while Suarez takes a turn at 3rd base.  I would really like to see Repec make every game. If he is not at 3rd then he should be at shortstop. He needs the exposure


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