No See’ems

Raining again in North Carolina so apparently another game postponement.

In TriCities another gang-buster game with the Dust Devils trouncing Eugene 8-2 and the 2 runs were going-away gifts. Anuery Rodriquez is an impressive 18 year old who demonstrated he is getting ready to play with the big boys. He struck out 10 and walked one. He has done the same with 35 and walked 14 in 39 innings. I think with good luck we will be hearing about this pitcher for quite a spell. I was glad to see Repec back in the line up at 3rd and he assisted in 5 put outs and did all right at home plate as well. Rifkin is getting back in shape and hit a home run. I glad to see that Ferrante has regained some of his confidence and is doing better with the bat. The POB must go to Rodriquez who hung in there for 8 innings with about 100 pitches. The Rodriquez behind home plate did a creditable job as well.


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