Battin’ The Breeze

What about a game with 30 hits! The Asheville team beat Columbus 16-9 in such a game. In the unusual 6th inning Columbus batted around their roster and when it came Asheville’s turn they batted around twice. The game was seven minutes short of four hours. Fans certainly got their money’s worth for those tickets. Yesterday was the last day for Lindsay in TriCities he has now moved to Asheville.

Minus the Australian accent the Dust Devils put it to Eugene 5-1. This is their third win in the series. The Dust Devils went over 22 innings without giving up a hit.  The pitching has been first class. We can be equally proud of the fielding since we have gone five games without an error.  The only flaw I saw was Repec sitting on the bench while Suarez tried to play 3rd base. I suppose it was to give Repec a rest and let others have a chance but I should imagine he was chomping at the bit since he played in all his college games. Hopefully he will be back in the lineup this evening. The POB goes to Mike McKenry who does such a great job behind the plate. He knows his pitchers and calls good games but he showed them how to protect home plate and hold on to the ball.  It looks like things are coming together and beginning to jell.


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