There’s The East And The West

Asheville had a terrible first inning with Greenville by having 7 runs score.  Playing catch-up is never fun and the game was over before much was accomplished.  Asheville lost 11-5. If that 1st inning could have been erased it would have been a pretty tight game.

Out in western Oregon the Dust Devils took the Volcanoes to the 11th inning before they surrendered 5-4. It took almost as many pitchers as fielders to win the game.  The Dust Devils ran out eight before the game was over.  The POB has to go to Anthony Jackson who had a fantastic game and finally came through with his first home run.  He really seems to be the rallying force on the 2006 team. He motivates, performs, and executes. They are still a game behind Boise but they are pushing hard.


One comment

  1. Matthew

    I understand where you are coming from in reference to giving up runs in the first innings and then when the home team finally comes up to bat, your all ready playing catch-up and if there is a good pitcher on the mound, it will be difficult to win the ball game.

    If you take a peak at my blog, I watched the Rockies and Reds do battle and much like Ashville, the Rockies where in a hole before they even came to bat. However, J. Jennings I thought pitched well except for the 1st inning and also the fact the bats were silent.


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