Record Crowd

The weather is still damp and forbidding in North Carolina but the Alums could not put it to their advantage. Lexington slipped by them 4-3. Bechtel and Cuadrado figured in the scoring. They have one more game in Lexington.

The Dust Devils played before a record crowd in perfect baseball weather. Shane Lindsay put on a great performance.  He pitched 84 pitches and had 12 strikeouts. It is very apparent that his days are number in TriCities.  He will soon be moving up. Katz and Collis added to the hit drought for Vancouver.  The fielders were error-less.  This was an important aspect since they were full of holes in Everett. With solid pitching and a stingy backup the scores are low and you should win. Jackson made a spectacular save in the ninth with a diving catch. The POB has to go to Lindsay who put on a masterful performance. It was all well worth the price of gas and admission.



  1. Patrick

    That is true. I watched the video and he might have gotten a little carried away. But then those minor league umps might be a little out of practice too. I may have to use the old cell phone and see how my friends view the altercation.

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